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A long and storied history…. 12 mile tavern through the years:

Circa 1938

circa 1989

circa 1992

circa 2021


circa 2023

12 Mile is a Landmark in this area since 1938. Offering great food, fun atmosphere and good people. Perfect spot for a quick lunch, beer after work, date night, drinks with friends, or to watch the game.

Throughout the years the 12 Mile Tavern has been a landmark serving this community since 1938. Brad and Ann are the current owners and purchased the 12 Mile is 1989. In May 1992 the Tavern burned to the ground and was rebuilt with the help of family and friends the fall of the same year to the building you see today.

12 mile food

Get the best experience with our set dinners. You can choose between a luscious hamburger steak, jumbo shrimps or tender chicken, all served with your choice of side dishes. Cap the night off by heading to our full bar that is equipped with fantastic liquor, and your favorite beers you can drink out of the bottle or on tap!

Grab the best seat in many miles as you enjoy great food with friends and family. The laidback and country-feel atmosphere will make you feel right at home. Matched with terrific service by our professional waitstaff, you know that you have just found yourself a truly enjoyable restaurant experience.

12 mile taco salad